For Corporate Clients

Corporate customers' advantages are:

  • Free delivery
  • 10.000 AMD gift card in case of 500.000 AMD and more purchases.
  • 20.000 AMD gift card in case of 500.000 AMD and more purchases.
  • Free delivery to Tsakhkadzor in case of 100,000 AMD and more purchases.
  • Ability to accumulate up to 2% deposit.

SAS Supermarkets Chain presents exclusive conditions of sales for our corporate clients.

  • The Chain has a permanent staff member, the Corporate Sales Manager, who ensures the prompt and high-end implementation of all orders as well as takes care for comprehensive consulting of the clients.
  • In the evidence of the agreement, the payment is preceded via the bank transfer. Based on the clients’ wish the invoice is presented in the end of the month or right after the order. These smooth techniques give the advantage to companies and business entities not to encash their capital. 
  • The delivery in Yerevan is free of charge regardless of the volume of orders. Just two points to highlight - you are basically saving your time or spending any money for the delivery service, especially if the purchase volume is quite large and hard to manage. 
  • All our corporate clients are awarded SAS Club card.
  • SAS Club Card  is a common loyalty card for SAS supermarkets, NEXT and BALDI brand stores. It gives the opportunity to accumulate points in one card and spend them in any of the aforementioned stores on your preference.
  • Depending on the items from check, you will get 0-2 points
  • The above conditions are not applied simultaneously; the condition with highest accumulative points is applied only.

   Doing shopping online has a number of advantages:

  • The purchase of goods is carried out more swiftly due to advanced search features, products categorization and filters; 
  • If you want to place corporate orders by bank transfer, then attach your corporate card.
  • In e-shop you can review the product’s name, price, large image, description of ingredients and calories, alongside comparing that very item with the similar products in the same category; 
  • The online shopping system also is enabled with a function to compile and save the list of favorite items, which will be kept in the user’s account history and will help the user to search for and find the requested product within seconds and make the order.  
  • At any moment you can review the previous orders and upon necessity within seconds repeat any of them via adding or simply removing the selected items . 

If you are interested, you can send your data by email [email protected] or call our Corporate Sales Manager +37499 755511

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