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Frequently asked questions

What is online supermarket?

Online supermarket is an alternative, electronic way of shopping, which enables the customer to easily find the necessary products, make online payments and order delivery. In you can also pay with cash or credit card when receiving the delivery.

What are the pluses of online shopping at

  1. You buy the products you need without going out, thus saving your time.
  2. Now you don’t need to reside in downtown Yerevan to shop from SAS supermarkets. You can shop from any area of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. This means that the high-class supermarket chain is available for everybody.
  3. In you can see the whole assortment with their description, photos, prices and other details. You can easily find and buy any product.
  4. You can pay online with your card or via the POS terminal when receiving the order.

Can I continue shopping with phone?

Yes, you can! Our 24-hour delivery service 538888 will still be operating. However, we strongly recommend using our online shopping system, as you can more precisely choose the products by viewing their photos, description and details.

If I do not want to pay online, can I pay when receiving the order?

Yes, you can! We accept payments with cash or payment card at the time you receive your order.

How can I find the products I need?

By searching or browsing.

1) To search, enter the name of a product in the search bar on the top of pages and click on ‘Find’ button.

2) To browse the catalogue, if you are on the main page, point the cursor on the categories on the top left and then choose the subcategory; opening the given category or subcategory you can choose from the listing page.

To choose from the nonfood section you need to click ‘Everything for Home’ button.

How can I add products to cart?

To order a product, you must first add it to cart by clicking on the ‘Add’ button on the right side. Don’t forget to increase or decrease the amount or weight of products before adding them.

You can always see the content and the cost of the products of your cart on the right side. You can easily change the quantity or weight of the products using «+» and «-» buttons and also delete any items.

Can I create a list of ‘Favorites’ without adding them to cart?

Yes, you can! If you like any product but don’t want to add it to cart yet, you can just mark it as ‘Favorites’, then view it in ‘Favorites’ list. To mark, click on the star next to the product and make sure it comes yellow. Your choice will be saved and be available each time you log in. You can view the ‘Favorites’ list by clicking the ‘Favorites’ button under the search bar.

Can I choose the concrete time and date of the delivery?

Yes, you can! After adding your shopping items to cart you choose the date and time when you wish to receive the order. The orange color means that the given time interval is not convenient for delivery. In that case you must choose a different time.

Can I see the history of my orders and the status of the active delivery?

Yes, you can! After logging in you will have your own profile, where you can see all the orders and their statuses ‘Delivered’, ‘In process’, «Cancelled».

Can I add new addresses each time?

In your profile you fill in your delivery addresses. When placing an order you select an address from drop-down menu or add a new one. The addresses you enter while ordering will automatically be added to your profile.

Can I return the shopped products?

Yes, you can! If your purchase hasn’t undergone any quality or quantity changes, you can return it within 14 days by submitting the receipt. Anyways, if the reason of return is the quality of the product, you can change it with a normal one with our delivery person. The same is effective in those cases when you have ordered a product belonging to the same category but of different brand or trade mark.

How can I pay for my purchase?

In there are several modes of payment.

1) Online. We support payments with Paypal and Arca payment systems. If you are already registered with those systems, then after completing the order you’ll be redirected to those websites, where you can log in and pay.

2) Cash. Pay for your order with cash to our delivery person.

3) With your payment card via POS terminal when receiving your order.

4) Bank transfer. In this case you must transfer the amount to the account number, shown below the option.

If I have additional questions, how can I find the answers?

If you can’t find above the answers to your questions you can send them by email [email protected] or call our Help center +37410 538888. Our operators are also available via Skype calls and Web calls (see the ‘Online support' menu on the top).

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