• The delivery service of is one of the first and most popular ones in Yerevan. Besides online orders, now You can order by calling to our 24-hour numbers 011538888, 012538888, 8777 (to improve the quality of service, the call can be recorded).
  • In you choose a product, fill in your delivery address, telephone number, convenient date and time. Unlike other delivery services, there are no limits concerning the sum, weight and quantity of the products we deliver. It means that you can order any product from catalogue. Your order may cost 100 or 100.000 AMD, have 100g or 100 kg weight.

SAS delivery

  • If the order amount is up to 4990AMD, the delivery cost is 1500AMD
  • If the order amount is 5000AMD or more, the delivery cost is:
  1.  700AMD for addresses up to 3 km
  2.  900AMD for addresses from 3.1 km and more.

  • The delivery cost outside of Yerevan is 120 AMD for 1km, depending on the branch.

  • When logged in, you can view the history of your orders, see the date, status («Delivered», «In process», «Discarded»), and the cost of the orders.

Conditions of Delivery

If you'd like to have items sent to separate addresses, please order separately for each address. We'll charge for delivery to each address.

If you have forgotten to order something after the checkout, you can place a new order or contact our call center at 011538888, 012538888 numbers (to improve the quality of service, the call can be recorded) and ask the operator to add the necessary product to your order.

Modes of Payment

In there are several modes of payment.

  1. Online. We support payments with Paypal (Master, Visa, Arca, IDram, Telcell) payment systems. If you are already registered with those systems, then after completing the order you’ll be redirected to those websites, where you can log in and pay.
  2. Cash. Pay for your order to our delivery person. When selecting this option, please also indicate whether you need us to bring you change.
  3. With your payment card via POS terminal when receiving your order.
  4. Bank transfer. In this case (if you're a corporate customer) you must transfer the amount to the account number, shown below the option.
  5. Idram payment system. IDRAM is an electronic payment system that allows you to make payments on the Internet in units equivalent to dram of Armenian Republic (AMD). In order to pay with IDRAM at, you need to select IDRAM in the "Payment" step of order formation, after confirmation, go to IDRAM's website and transfer the amount from your account.
    We do not have a partial return due to the bank's policy.

  6. With Telcell Wallet application You can pay for services connected to the Telcell system in real time and from anywhere. To use this comfort, You only need a smartphone connected to the Internet and a positive balance.

  • If you already have a contract with us, you can get your order any time, convenient to you. Click here to read our conditions for corporate clients or call our Corporate sales manager.

  • Please note that you’ll have to wait until we receive your transfer to deliver the ordered goods in case there is no contract signed with you prior the order.

  • Dear Customer, if there are any missing items for which You have paid at shipping, the amount will be refunded to Your account within 5-7 working days. 

Conditions of Cash Payment

  • Payments with cash are made when you receive the order. Our delivery person has the right to take the products back if the customer offers a delayed payment. We do not accept payments in other currency, as it is prohibited by the Armenian legislation. 

  • The prices on our website are final and tax included. 

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