Toothpaste and brush "Curaprox"

product Code: 327708 ID: 481193

A set consisting of a limited edition toothbrush and whitening toothpaste (90 ml). This lime-flavored toothpaste has a gentle whitening effect on enamel, absorbing dark pigment from tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine, and more. It protects the enamel from the damage of the acidic environment. The super soft toothbrush contains 5460 bristles d 0.10 mm. Intended for daily oral hygiene, as well as tooth enamel and gum sensitivity. Contains fluoride with a recalculated molar mass concentration of less than 0.15% based on fluorine. Suitable for children aged 6 and up.

Available: 1 pcs
28 890 AMD
28 890 AMD 6 846 rub. 74.46 $ 69.11
1pcs/28 890 AMD
Available: 1
Up to 578 AMD deposit accumulation
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