Beer "Tuborg Green" 0.5l

product Code: 001308 ID: 135724

Light beer, alcohol min. 4.6%. There are about a thousand sorts of beer. The color of beer is determined by the degree of roasted malt and the number of dark malt used in brewing.

Available: 472 pcs
670 AMD
670 AMD 155.8 rub. 1.73 $ 1.60
1pcs/670 AMD
Available: 472
Up to 13 AMD deposit accumulation
Storage method
Country of origin
фильтрованная питьевая вода, солод светлого ячменя, пивоваренный ячмень, хмель , filtred drinking water, light barley malt, barley for brewing, hop
Nutritional value per 100 g of food:
41, 41
3,6 , 3,6

Store at temperature 0-30°C in dry and dark place. , Хранить при температуре 0-30°C в сухом и темном месте

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