Cognac "Camus Elegance VSOP" 0.7l

product Code: 982958 ID: 80961

Cognac, alc. 40%, + 2 elegant glasses. Elegance VSOP" is a cognac distinguished by unique compositions and inimitable flavor throughout centuries. Unique amber or golden color, a combination of 12 and 20 year old cognac spirits, fruity aroma with notes of hazelnut and almond, floral flavor with hints of vanilla and violets: that is how the business card of trading house "Camus" looks like.

Available: 1 pcs
30 800 AMD
30 800 AMD 7 247.1 rub. 80 $ 73.68
1pcs/30 800 AMD
Available: 1
Up to 616 AMD deposit accumulation
Country of origin
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