Cognac "Hennessy Paradis" 0.7l

product Code: 000359 ID: 81103

Cognac, alc. 40%. Cognac "Hennessy Paradis" is composed of about 100 sorts of cognac aged about 20-30 years, unique in their characteristics. Subtle floral notes soften pepper flavor. Light spicy cardamom and cinnamon are combined with candied fruit and replaced with dry rose petals. The next set of flavors is honey, truffles and wild rose. Cognac "Hennessy Paradis" is the embodiment of luxury, wealth and magnificence.

684 000 AMD
684 000 AMD 163 636.4 rub. 1 772.02 $ 1 640.29
1pcs/684 000 AMD
Available: 5
Up to 13 680 AMD deposit accumulation
Country of origin
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