Body scrub "Geomar" 600g

product Code: 323781 ID: 439688

Body scrub with marine salt, charcoal and matcha tea. An intensive, deep-acting exfoliating product specially formulated to enhance skin cleansing and renewal. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and effectively remove dead cells and any impurities. The natural ingredients in the product formula restore the natural structure of the skin, its tone and elasticity. Sea salt visibly reduces puffiness by eliminating excess fluid in the tissues. Moringa oil provides prevention of skin aging, removal of toxins, as well as cell regeneration and nutrition. Matcha tea prevents aging and protects the skin from UV aggression. It also contains caffeine, which maintains skin tone and activates metabolism.

Available: 20 pcs
5 990 AMD
5 990 AMD 1 409.4 rub. 15.52 $ 14.33
1pcs/5 990 AMD
Available: 20
Up to 120 AMD deposit accumulation
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