Body scrub "Geomar" 600ml

product Code: 331231 ID: 513752

This body scrub contains 95% natural ingredients: sea salt, sugar, argan oil, macadamia, almond. It effectively exfoliates and nourishes the skin. Sea salt has smoothing properties, removes toxins and excess fluid. Sugar balances hydration, gently exfoliates the skin. With regular use of the scrub, the skin becomes smoother and softer, skin defects are corrected and blood microcirculation is activated. Leave the scrub on wet skin for at least 10 minutes, then massage. Wash with cold water for better effect. Results will be visible after the first use.

Available: 11 pcs
5 990 AMD
5 990 AMD 1 399.5 rub. 15.52 $ 14.33
1pcs/5 990 AMD
Available: 11
Up to 120 AMD deposit accumulation
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