Curd with strawberry "Danone Rastishka" 100g, richness: 3.5%

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Yoghurt with strawberry, richness: 3.5% Yoghurt is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. It has nutritional benefits beyond those of milk. People who are moderately lactose-intolerant can consume yogurt without ill effects, because much of the lactose in the milk precursor is converted to lactic acid by the bacterial culture. The consumption of low-fat yogurt can promote weight loss, especially due to the calcium in the yogurt.

Available: 92 pcs
470 AMD
470 AMD 108.5 rub. 1.22 $ 1.12
1pcs/470 AMD
Available: 92
Up to 9 AMD deposit accumulation
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